Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow Days

Here in lovely Pennsylvania we are dealing with the windchill being below zero and snow! The snow isn't too bad. We've had a pretty easy winter until now.
I have rheumatoid arthritis in my feet and my right foot is a clubfoot. The weather hasn't been my friend. It's been up and down. Warm then cold then back again.  So it's been painful getting to this weather.
Call me crazy for preferring with the dull ache over the swelling. It's been crazy! Nothing has helped the swelling. I'm not going to lie. It's swollen while I'm sitting here, but I can still slip my shoes on so I'm ok with it. It's the summer humidity or rain humidity that I dislike.
With snow and these windchill comes many difficulties in this house.
Not just my physical health has been effected but Dalton's mental health. We've had 2 hour delays this week. Which throws him off entirely. His routine is changed at school. I know when I drove School Bus I always felt like I was running late all day on 2 hour delays.
He was crazy angry yesterday. So today Mom called from work and suggested I just kept the boys home. The roads were bad snow squalls were coming left and right. So I kept them home. Now 20 mins after their pick up time for the bus, the sun is shining!  Oh well! It's supposed to keep snowing off and on all day. Maybe they will have a fun snow day and I won't want to pull my hair out!
Part of yesterday's issue was Mommy had an epic meltdown. The biggest I've had since losing my brother. It was a meltdown mixed with a lovely anxiety attack. I cried so hard no one could understand me. I screamed at God! I mean I SCREAMED! Nothing I said was nice. Luckily the kids weren't home. But the mood it left me in was not me. Dalton is so in tune with my moods I'm sure he felt it. No I know he felt it. He came home and wanted to be left alone. He didn't want anyone in the room with him. He did everything he could to keep his brother out of the living room. So I know he felt it but didn't understand it.
I felt bad for him. I did. To feel that pain i was feeling and not understand it couldn't be easy. 
So today we are going to clean and just hang out. Cleaning always makes him feel better. Especially when it's done. He feels accomplished. Life feels better to him. Order feels better. So cleaning it shall be!
What do you do on snow days?
Is your little one in tune with your emotions?

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