Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meltdowns and emotions

Dalton has multiple meltdowns. I feel bad for the little guy. He gets so angry. He's been bitting his brother alot. He used to hit. Now he bites. When he's angry he unleashes.
They've turned really verbally mean. Well physically too. He stomps and kicks things trying to break them.
The whole time I'm wishing I could just find out what's wrong. What's bothering him deep down.
It's not just that his brother wouldn't let him watch a video. It's been multiple things.  Then he finally let's go and WAM he's down right mean. Calls us jerks, mean and that we aren't his parents. Then starts kicking stuff. It usually happens because he's being sent to his room for his behavior. It's the one and only place he will calm down. When we finally get him there that is.
What kind of techniques do you use? He won't let us near him usually. So I can't get close enough to rub his back which if you catch it quick enough and are near you can stop the meltdown sometimes. Pressure on the hands and arms makes him mad. Brushing he hates. I'm just not sure.
I'm sure in his head he is so angry. We ask and he says,"I don't know". He very well may not.
My poor sweet boy

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