Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Deals and shopping

This post may not be the opinion of everyone BUT it is the opinion of this blogger!

There is no need to get that great of a deal and make people miss out on a holiday with their family. I'm sure if it was you that had to miss that holiday, you would be upset!
It's already bad enough that people have been killed or hurt terribly by the selfishness during Black Friday Sales.
I admit, I have in the past joined in on the hype of Black Friday, but I have found its really not worth it. Really, it isn't. I'd rather stay home.
I'm sure a lot of the employee's of these stores would as well.
I firmly believe of these Holiday's, stores should be closed so that everyone can spend the holiday with their family.

This blogger WILL NOT be shopping on Thanksgiving, or Black Friday. OR any other holiday that is ment to be spent with my family. THEY are too important to me to miss out for a shopping trip!