Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ahh the joys of summertime

Summer is in full blast at this house! Kids everywhere, friends visiting, Vacation Bible School, and everything else that is involved in summertime. Except a vacation! This is the part where I boo-hoo that we are so broke that we can't afford a vacation, but I will spare you that none-sense.
I haven't been cooking or baking much. I had carpal tunnel surgery on April 29th. It was a quick decision. I knew mid-April it was severe the Dr. suggested that I had it done as soon as I could. So, two weeks after the appointment I went in to surgery. I have to say its been a longer road back to normalcy than I had thought. Slowly but surely I am getting back into everything. Though its nothing extravagant. 
As well as dealing with summer happening, I chopped 14, yes 14 inches off of my hair. I was tired of having to brush it a million times a day to avoid it ending up matted. So off it went! I hadn't had my hair cut since March 2011, after my reconstruction surgery of my foot. So it took awhile to get it as long as it had gotten.

So here it is before, curly

Here is its straight before

And the after look

We also welcomed a new addition in February
Meet Roxie, our shepard mix dog

So obviously we've been pretty busy. I'm hoping to get back into blogging here soon. I really enjoy it!
Enjoy the pictures!!