Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Camp

How many have sent their kiddos to camps?
This is my first ever! We sent Dalton off to camp this morning. He will take a bus daily to the camp.
He was pretty excited to start off. His words were, " At least Drake isn't coming. He's weird." Nice buddy. Calling your brother weird isn't nice. I think he's just excited that something is finally just for him.
It's not often I get that big of a smile. Or a happy one like this. I'm praying he comes off the bus that happy.
Dalton has what is called Vasal-vagal Syncope. He dehydrates so fast. I mean he can dehydrate in his sleep!! He's passed out on me twice. Usually he complains of a headache, then shortly after vomits. That is how we know he's dehydrated for sure. I have learned of signs and symptoms for him. So outside play has been a scarey thing for him. But we for now seem to have it under control and have avoided many ER trips this year.
Seriously, the ER staff at one point knew us by last name it got so bad.
This camp he's going to is for Social/Emotional skills. We are hoping that this helps him learn how to interact with other kids better and learn how to handle his emotions and express them better.
He's a sweetie but sometimes just doesn't know how to react to things.
Tonight also starts the first day of Vacation Bible School! His favorite week at Church! Both kids actually love it! Its a week that they learn so much while having so much fun!
Here's to a busy but fun week!!